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Customer Experience Solutions modernize an organization and keep it competitive in today’s world. Collectively, Riptide’s leaders have driven countless examples of business impact.

Our Services:

  • Voice of the Guest: Technology to truly understand the sentiment of our fans and guests
  • Voice of the Employee: Capture signals from your employees with our industry-leading employee listening strategies
  • Sports + Entertainment Advisory: Leverage our team’s years of experience to create new experiences or enhance your existing ones.
  • Riptide Collaboration Portal: Access an on-line community of senior industry leaders, comment on key topics, share ideas, and stay current on the latest and greatest across professional sports leagues and leading entertainment venues.
Medallia Xchange

Sports & Entertainment Experience Management Suite

Capture and measure guest experience in real-time. Tailored to Sports & Entertainment, Teams, Venue and facility Management. Understand and act on signals.


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The Riptide Experience Management App provides industry-leading best practice solutions tailored towards Sports & Entertainment, Venues, Stadiums, Teams, and facility management. These powerful tools once only available to the largest enterprises allow you to truly listen to guests, customers, fans, and employees to accurately understand the experiences and take action. These best practice solutions were built by leading Experience Management professionals with knowledge acquired over their career at the most recognizable brands.

What’s Included

  • Pre-built guest feedback survey
  • Custom branded look and feel
  • Pre-built Dashboards
  • Text Analytics
  • Athena Action Intelligence
  • Closed Loop Module
  • Managed Service Offering

Business Impact

  • Operations
  • Time to Value
  • Account Management
  • Sales
  • Revenue & Upsell Opportunities
  • And More

Voice of the Guest

It’s time to better understand the experience that you deliver to your fans and guests.

Voice of the Guest is the process by which your customer’s preferences and experiences are collected and then shared inside your organization.

  • Uncover the reasons behind feedback scores
  • Understand customer needs, wants and pain points
  • Prioritize them
  • Understand customer views and values for your products and services
  • Understand if you’re delivering on your promise to your customers
  • Utilize the information to develop and refine your offerings

No two solutions are exactly alike. Learn how Riptide Partners can help you and your team implement, customize and optimize your Customer Experience program.

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Ready to listen to the Voice of the Employee?


Sports + Entertainment Advisory

Our team of experts can advise your organization on a number of key services, including:

Premium Hospitality

Guest Security

Food & Beverage Operations

Merchandise Sales

Guest Engagement & Communication

Data & Analytics

The Riptide Collaboration Portal

The sports and entertainment industry is coming together now more than ever as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Here’s how to get involved.

At Riptide Partners, we want to enable a seamless, frictionless way to engage and innovate, so we launched a new collaboration portal to share ideas and updates across the industry.

We’re doing this as an investment and not charging, to drive the greatest participation and benefit for all. Let’s come out stronger, together.

The Benefits of Joining:

  • Access an on-line community of senior industry leaders
  • Comment on key topics, share ideas and vote on the best ones
  • Keep updated on the latest happenings across the industry
  • Make new connections with like-minded leaders
  • Totally free to use
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