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In these turbulent times, there's nothing more important than understanding your fanbase. We're here to provide reliable market analysis to help you move forward with confidence.

Reliable Consumer Research

Many in the industry, across professional sports leagues and entertainment venues, have asked for our help in understanding what their fans are thinking.  We all see the scary headlines as we face day-to-day unknowns, but until we ask the patrons that come to your venue or support your team, you really don’t know how likely they are to come back, and when.

Covid-19 Research - Likelihood to Return to Venues

The voice of actual New York Metro fans who attended sporting events and concerts pre-Covid 19

  • 89% said they will return to events depending on the risk
  • The average time to return across all levels of concern is 3.5 months
  • Ticket price is not a factor in returning, suggesting any discounting to drive demand is unnecessary
  • Most frequently requested safety precaution is thorough disinfection of the venue
  • Largest concern cited is anxiety over being in a crowd at 44% of responses
  • Touchless options for ticketing, restrooms, security are likely to be critical

Asking The Right Questions:

We’ve engaged a consumer research expert to help us build a concise market research survey that we can strategically deploy to your fanbase, guests and venue patrons to answer many of the unanswered questions you face today:

  • What percentage of fans plan to come back?
  • How long it will take for them to feel comfortable and safe?
  • What specific safety measures would they like to see implemented?
  • How will ticket pricing impact their decisions?
  • And many other questions, uniquely tailored to your needs

Our platform provides advanced analytics and reporting to let you know a variety of other key pieces of information and insights to help you better plan for reopening and the future ahead.

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