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Sports and Entertainment

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Expert Guidance, Real-Time Actionable Feedback

As your partner, we provide you with industry-leading Experience solutions tailored to Sports & Entertainment, Stadiums, Venues, Teams, and facility management. Allows you to truly listen to guests and employees to accurately understand the experiences and take action.

  • Design post event, market research, employee, venue tours, museum/arts and conjoint survey programs
  • Robust Real-Time Dashboards + Insights
  • Text Analytics + Athena Action Intelligence
  • Closed Loop Feedback module
  • Industry and internal benchmarking
  • Social Module, manage your online voice
  • Performance trending and analysis by customer segment, seating location, event type, and key satisfaction drivers
  • Digital signal capture – Web and App

Features, Benefits & Support Model of Offering

A ready-made CX Function tailored to Sports & Entertainment, able to deliver immediate value.


  • FULL-SERVICE Customer and Employee Experience Solutions – survey(s) build, text analytics, Prebuilt dashboards, closed loop module, sentiment analysis, AI, custom-branded look and feel, and recommended actions.
  • PROVEN EXPERTISE industry leading best practice solution tailored to Sport & Entertainment professionals, coupled with the track record of Riptide Team.
  • SCALE SOLUTION powerful SaaS tools once only available to the largest enterprises, allow you to truly listen to guests.
  • ROBUST BENCHMARKING and DATA APPROACH to ensure comprehensive coverage, segmentation (STM’s, VIPS’s, etc.) and real-time insights.
  • CUSTOMER RESEARCH: Support efforts to better understand specific topics such as pricing, fan archetypes, member benefits, brand, and loyalty.

Client Benefit

  • ROI: According to Forrester, companies utilizing our CX technology, typically realize a 5.9X ROI.
  • SPEED: Real-time customer feedback, metrics and insights to drive business, without having to invest, build and develop.
  • $ IMPACT: Capitalize on the knowledge of Riptide, leverage customer feedback to get business results.
  • $ COST: Eliminate heavy investment in software and resources, benefit from Riptide platform and scale.
  • HAPPIER CUSTOMERS: Improved retention, loyalty and promotion of your business.

Support Model

  • EXECUTIVE PRESENCE: Partner and Manager support and experience to assist in from implementation to gaining cultural adoption, including CX business reviews.
  • BUSINESS ANALYST: Business Analyst available to conduct analysis and build insight recommendations, support changes to survey, ad-hoc support and dashboards.
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE/TECH SUPPORT: Provide dedicated resources in order to source and manage data flow from internal & 3rd party sources into the survey platform.
  • LEVERAGE BEST IN CLASS MEDALLIA PLATFORM to conduct surveys and provide insights.
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